Origami and Para-Origami Games 2014

The Origami and Para-Origami games - 2014 passed in Novorossiysk, Russia on the eve of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. The Games were organized for local schools's children by Alex and Larisa Levashov, the leaders of the Museum-Theater of Origami and the International Art Partnership "Peace Tree". Paper models were the subject of all types of competitions. The competitions took place under the general delight of participants and fans. There was a rewarding of the winners with diplomas and prizes at the end of the Games.

The festival united spirit of competition and creativity, sport and art, culture and education, as well all children, participants and guests of the Origami and Para-Origami Games. The essence of an initiative of a festival consists in realization of the main objective of children's art education to give the chance to a child to learn pleasure of creativity using thus the idle time and an available material - paper.

The History of the Origami and Para-Origami Games began in 2006 on the Black Sea coast of Russia near Sochi. There were three Games later in the same region. The festival passes on an inclusive basis, i.e. children with limited abilities are the team members and all participants support each other.

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