Origami Festival 2006

What an Amazing World!
Summer Camp Origami Festival of Russia

The International Art Partnership "Peace Tree" in partnership with the well-known Russian summer camp "Children Health Center Druzhnih" and his Principal Mr. Valery Ivanov have created origami exhibitions, master-classes, origami Olympic games and other art events in Kabardinka, for the First Summer Camp Origami Festival (SCOF) on August 6.

Kabardinka (Krasnodar region) is situated at the East part of the Black Sea coast. There are a hundreds of children summer camps in the South of Russia. It is a beautiful resort place.

The SCOF involved the participation of several hundreds children from different regions of Russia who were having their vacation in some of the best summer camps.

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Master Class






Festive Dance






Festive Teams


Leaving Friends




As a part of this Festival, the IAP "Peace Tree" held a Ceremony of Memory for the Hiroshima Atomic tragedy. The Mayor of Hiroshima, Mr. Tadatoshi Akiba, has sent his Message for the children who took part in the event. All the participants and the visitors very much appreciated that.

Ceremony 1 Ceremony 2 Ceremony 3
Ceremony 4 Ceremony 5 Ceremony 6
Ceremony 7 Ceremony 8 Ceremony 9

Message by the Mayor of Hiroshima

Many thanks also go to Mr. Ashfaq Ishaq, President of the International Children Art Fond, who sent his best wishes to all the participants and the organizers.

We also received some beautiful origami models for the SCOF from Poland.

The Polish students of a secondary school: Ania Idzik, Daria Puda, Angelika Weselska, Katarzyna Borzucka, Magda Kubanek, Marlena Noworzyn, Marta Spatek and their teacher Irena Kowalczyk.

Many thanks to Ms. Irena Kowalczyk for the warmest support of the Summer Camp Origami Festival. She is an official person of the Polish Origami Society, the Host of the 2007 Origami Peace Tree Festival Poland "Let the birds sing, let the flowers bloom.".

We are going to continue the SCOF history and will be grateful for any support.

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Newspaper article: Summer Origami Festival - Obchshaya Gazeta, Russian