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The Origami Peace Tree Project - UNESCO-IFPC 2005 Winner (France, Paris)
Wow! What an Amazing World! - Global Junior Challenge 2007 Winner (Italy, Rome)
Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program winner 2009 (USA, New York)
Unesco - IFPC
The International Art Partnership (IAP) is an international non-governmental, voluntary based, non-commercial organisation as well as the creator and owner of the International Art Movement "Peace Tree".

It owns all rights to the Origami (Art) Peace Tree symbols, flag, motto and Festivals.

The IAP was founded on 14th of July 2003 by the leaders of the World Origami Peace Tree Garden project and dedicated itself to the development of the Art and Education, Communication and Respect among people of all countries.

The Art Movement "Peace Tree" guided by the IAP "Peace Tree" consists of the individuals and organizations who approve of the above peaceful activities and act as the IAP's representatives in their respective countries.

There is no formal membership for the IAP "Peace Tree", but all the OPT festival participants older than 18 years and any people who support the Peace Tree Movement are the members of the above organization. All the members have rights to suggest their own proposals for the better activity of the IAP "Peace Tree"

The International Art Partnership "Peace Tree" main goal is to promote World Peace by means of Art and engage people of all countries to be on friendly terms with each other as well as to promote all national traditional arts and crafts.

The IAP "Peace Tree" organizes and holds the art meetings, exhibitions, festivals, championships, conferences and auctions in Russia and abroad.

The IAP "Peace Tree" has depended on partnership with the art community to stage the Peace Tree Festival hosting and with the business community to stage the Festival and IAP projects supporting as well as to develop the Peace Tree Museum.

The IAP "Peace Tree" motto "Beauty and Goodness will save Peace" expresses the message which the IAP addresses to all people.

The mission of the IAP is to lead the Peace Tree Art Movement in accordance with the Philantropic Statutes.

The IAP "Peace Tree" is the supreme authority of the Peace Tree Art Movement. Under the authority of the IAP, the Peace Tree Art Movement encompasses organizations, artists, adults and children who agree to be guided by the Philantropy Statutes. The criterion for belonging to the Peace Tree Art Movement is recognition by the IAP.

Any person or organization belonging in any capacity whatsoever to the Peace Tree Art Movement is bound by the provisions of the Philantropic Statutes and shall abide by the decisions of the IAP.

The goal of Peace Tree Art Movement is to place art everywhere at the service of the harmonious development of all people. To this effect, the Art Movement engages, alone or in cooperation with other organizations and within the limits of its means, in actions to promote Peace through Art.

The international and national associations, societies, clubs, communities and the persons belonging to the Peace Tree Art Movement, particularly the artists, adults and children, constitute a basic element of its actions. Any form of discrimination with regard to a country or a person on grounds of race, religion, politics, sex, or otherwise is incompatible with belonging to the art Peace Tree Movement.

The Peace Tree symbol represents the link of Peace, Art Education and Friendship, the meeting of people from throughout the world at the Peace Tree festivals.

The objectives of the Peace Tree Art Movement are to contribute to:

  1. promoting the principles of the Peace Tree Art Movement
  2. developing all national arts and crafts knowledge of artists and teachers
  3. improving, through scholarships, the artistic level of artists and teachers
  4. collaborating with the various IAP commissions as well as with the organizations and entities pursuing such objectives, particularly through Art's education and the propagation of art
  5. supporting the art organizations and artists

The IAP "Peace Tree" leaders invite businesses to become our sponsors in the unique worldwide art projects and to accompany us in these peaceful initiatives.

Sponsors have exclusive marketing rights and opportunities in accordance with the agreement with the IAP "Peace Tree" administration. They may develop their business programmes with the partners of the IAP.

The IAP "Peace Tree" supports collaboration between peace, art, education, business, philanthropic and governmental organizations that promote educational policies supportive of peace and arts education.

The IAP "Peace Tree" site provides more information about these events and displays all comments from around the world about its own activities in a guestbook.

The leaders of the International Art Partnership "Peace Tree" hope for support and encouragement by any individuals, private or governmental organizations and foundations.

The leaders of the IAP "Peace Tree" will much appreciate any comments and proposals, advice and information that will be helpful for our activities.

We look forward to work with you, our dear visitor, for the quality of life on our beautiful planet.

The International Art Partnership staff members:
PresidentAlexander LevashovRussia(click for picture)
Vice-PresidentLarissa LevashovRussia(click for picture)
SecretarAnastasia LevashovRussia(click for picture)
WebmasterGerwin SturmAustria(click for picture)

Honorable membersAkira YoshizawaJapan
Jonathan BaxterUSA
Francis OwSingapore

Email: iap@iap-peacetree.org

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